MasterChef Australia – Series 1-13 (International Title Music & underscore)
MasterChef Worldwide (Underscore)
MasterChef USA – Series 1-3 (Underscore)
Holey Moley – Series 1 & 2 (Theme & underscore)
Holey Moley Australia – Series 1 (Theme & underscore)
Last One Laughing (LOL) (Theme & underscore)
Gogglebox Australia – Series 1-11 (Theme & underscore)
Cirkey! It’s the Irwins – Series 1 & 2 (Theme & underscore)
Cirkey! It’s the Irwins – Bindi's Wedding Special (Theme & underscore)
Love on the Spectrum – Series 1 & 2 (Theme & underscore)
Lego Master Australia – Series 1-3 (Underscore)
Lego Masters USA (Underscore)
Lego Masters Netherlands/Belgium/Sweden (Underscore)
Married At First Sight Australia – Series 8 (Underscore)
Hardball – Series 1 & 2 (Theme & underscore)
LEGO Monkie Kid – Series 1 & 2 (Underscore)
Ron Iddles: The Good Cop (Theme & underscore)
Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane (Theme & underscore)
Exposed: The Ghost Train Fire (Theme & underscore)
Under Investigation – Series 1 (Theme & underscore)
Kakadu (Theme & underscore)
Wild Australia: After The Fires (Theme & underscore)
Bear: Koala Hero (Theme & underscore)
Junior MasterChef USA – Series 1-7 (Underscore)
Junior MasterChef Australia – Series 1-3 (Underscore)
Junior MasterChef Australia (International Title Music)
My Kitchen Rules The Rivals – Series 11 (Underscore)
Hell’s Kitchen Australia (Underscore)
Great Australian Bake Off – Series 1-5 (Underscore)
Sea Patrol – Series 1–5 (Theme & underscore)
The Biggest Loser Australia Series 11 Transformed (Underscore)
The Biggest Loser USA – Series 17 (Underscore)
The Biggest Loser Australia: Next Generation – Series 8 (Title Music Reworking Of “Time After Time”)
The Biggest Loser Australia: Singles – Series 7 (Title Music Reworking Of “You Got The Love”)
The Biggest Loser Australia: Families – Series 6 (Title Music Reworking Of “We Are Family”)
The Biggest Loser UK (Reworking Of Title Music)
The Chefs’ Line Australia – Series 1 & 2 (Theme & underscore)
The Chefs’ Line Nederland – Series 2 (Theme & underscore)
Shark Tank Australia – Series 1-4 (Underscore)
Farmer Wants A Wife Australia – Series 5, 10-11 (Underscore)
Seven Two It's Time
Seven Network Australia (Promotional Music Theme)
Minute To Win It Australia (Theme & underscore)
Hughesy We Have A Problem – Series 1-4 (Theme & underscore)
Travel Guides – Series 1-5 (Theme & underscore)
Changing Rooms (Theme & underscore)
20 to One (Theme)
Family Feud (Theme & underscore)
All Star Family Feud (Theme & underscore)
Outback Wrangler (Theme & underscore)
Ten News Theme
Network Ten (Title Music & Underscore)
Iron Chef Australia (Underscore)
Family Food Fight – Series 1 & 2 (Underscore)
Beauty & The Geek Australia 2013 (Series 5) (Underscore)
Beauty & The Geek 2009 (International Title Music)
The Apprentice Australia (Underscore)
Celebrity Apprentice Australia – Series 1-3 (Theme & underscore)
The Big Music Quiz (Theme & Gameplay music)
The Big Music Quiz Nederland – Series 3 (Theme)
The Big Music Quiz Poland (Theme)
Aussie Inventions that Changed the World (Theme & underscore)
Restoration Australia – Series 2 (Underscore)
Escape the City (Theme)
Sydney's Crazy Rich Asians (Theme & underscore)
My 80 Year Old Flatmate (Underscore)
How Australia Got Its MOJO (Titles remix)
Marry Me Marry My Family – Series 1 & 2 (Theme & underscore)
Date Night (Theme & underscore)
Deadly Intelligence (aka Dead Scientists) (Theme)
Making Child Prodigies (Theme & underscore)
Outback (Theme & underscore)
The Driving Test (Theme & underscore)
The Employables (Theme & underscore)
Trial by Kyle (Theme & underscore)
Love It or List It (Theme)
News of the Wild (Theme)
Spelling Star UK (Underscore)
Undressed (Theme & underscore)
El Gran Reto Musical (Theme & underscore)
Ice Wars (Theme & underscore)
Silent No More (Theme & underscore)
This Time Next Year – Series 1-3 (Theme & underscore)
Giving Life (Red Cross) (Theme)
Murder Calls (Theme & underscore)
Demolition Man (Theme & underscore)
Testing teachers (Theme & underscore)
The F Word USA (Underscore)
Local Justice (Theme & underscore)
Most Extreme: Alien Planet (Underscore)
Behave Yourself (Theme & underscore)
Common Sense (Theme & underscore)
According to Chrisley (Underscore)
Teddies (Theme & underscore)
Hiccup and Sneeze (Theme & underscore)
Secret Life Of Pearls (Theme & underscore)
You’re Back in the Room (Theme & underscore)
The Challenge – Rivals III (Underscore)
Unreal Estate (Theme & underscore)
Silvia's Italian Table (Theme)
Ready For Take Off – Series 1 & 2 (Theme & underscore)
The Great Australian Spelling Bee – Series 1 & 2 (Theme & underscore)
Saltwater Heroes (Theme & underscore)
Storm Season (Theme & underscore)
Hot Plate (Underscore)
Australia The Story of Us (Underscore)
Life After Sport (Theme & underscore)
Manu: My France – Series 1 & 2 (Theme & underscore)
Anh Does Italy (Theme & underscore)
Anh Does Britain (Theme & underscore)
Anh Does Brazil (Theme & underscore)
Anh Does Scandinavia (Theme & underscore)
Anh Does Vietnam (Theme & underscore)
Anh’s Brush with Fame – Season 1-4 (Theme & underscore)
Faboriginal (Theme & underscore)
The Observer Effect (Theme & Underscore)
Tabatha Takes Over – Series 5 (Underscore)
Wide World Of Sports NRL (Title Music)
Class Off... (Theme & underscore)
Bollywood Star (Theme & Underscore)
Once Upon A Time in Cabramatta (Underscore)
The Renovators Australia (Underscore)
The Renovators Australia (International Title Music)
Compass Factual (Title Music)
Life's Big Questions Factual (Title Music)
The One (Theme & underscore)
The Suspects (Theme & underscore)
The Boss Is Coming To Dinner (Theme & underscore)
Dating In The Dark Australia (Underscore)
Shintaro (Title & underscore)
The Strip (Title Music & underscore)
Wide World Of Sports Cricket Theme (Title Music Remix Featuring Lucius Borich (Cog) & Dj Mark Dynamix)
Wide World Of Sports NRL & State Of Origin Theme (Title Music)
Romeo & Juliet A Monkey's Tale (Theme & underscore)
Kung Fu Monk (Co-Wrote with New York Hip Hop Legends “The Wu Tang Clan”)
Speed Science (Theme & underscore)
Speed Dynasties (Theme & underscore)
Could It Happen Here (Theme & underscore)
The Tsunami Line (Theme & underscore)
The Resort (Theme & underscore)
Firies (Theme & underscore)
Who Gets To Stay in Australia (Underscore)
Superhuman (Underscore)
BBQ Champ (Underscore)
Love And Other Mental Disorders (Theme & underscore)
We Have Me (Theme & underscore)