MasterChef USA (Series 1-5) (Underscore)
Shark Tank Series
Sesame Street
Biggest Loser US
Silvia’s Italian Table
Ice Wars
Secret Life of Pearls
Ready for Takeoff
Life On The Reef
Documentary series (Theme & Underscore)
Saltwater Heroes
Factual (Underscore)
Anns Brush
Factual (Theme & Underscore)
Australia The Story Of Us
Documentary series (Underscore)
Great White Matrix
Documentary series (Theme & Underscore)
Recipe To Riches Series 1 & 2
Factual (Theme & Underscore)
The Big Adventure
The Big Music Quiz
The Big Spell
20 to One
Reality series (Theme & Underscore)
Family Feud
Game Show series (Theme & Underscore)
Living With The Enemy
Documentary series (Theme & Underscore)
Once Upon A Time Punchbowl
Documentary series (Theme & Underscore)
Cronulla Riots – 10 Days That Shocked The Nation
Documentary (Theme & Underscore)
The Face Australia
Reality (Underscore)
Zoo Moo
Kids TV Channel (Theme)
My France With Manu (Series 1)
Factual (Theme & Underscore)
Anh Does Brazil (Theme & Underscore)
Anh Does Iceland (Theme & Underscore)
Anh Does Scandinavia (Theme & Underscore)
Megafactories – Bundaberg Rum (Underscore)
Great American Bake Off
Documentary (Theme & Underscore)
MasterChef Australia (Series 1-6) (Underscore)
MasterChef The Professionals Australia (Underscore)
Junior MasterChef USA (Series 1) (Underscore)
MasterChef Australia Reality (International Title music)
MasterChef Worldwide (Underscore)
Anh Does Britain (Theme & Underscore)
The Observer Effect (Theme & Underscore)
Tabatha Takes Over (Series 5) (Underscore)
Beauty & The Geek Australia 2013 (Series 5) (Underscore)
Beauty & The Geek 2009 (International Title Music)
Wide World Of Sports NRL (Title Music)
Wide World Of Sports NRL (Title Music)
Celebrity Apprentice Australia (Series 1-3) 2011-2013 (Underscore & Theme)
The Biggest Loser Australia: Next Generation Series 8 Reality (Title Music reworking of “Time After Time”)
The Biggest Loser Australia: Singles Reality (Title Music reworking of “You Got The Love”)
The Biggest Loser Australia: Families Reality (Title Music reworking of “We Are Family”)
The Biggest Loser UK Reality (reworking of Title Music)
Anh Does Vietnam (Theme & underscore)
Class Of… (Theme & underscore)
Bollywood Star (Theme & Underscore)
Once Upon A Time In Cabramatta (Underscore)
The Renovators Australia (Underscore)
The Renovators Australia (International Title Music)
Compass Factual (Title Music)
Life’s Big Questions Factual (Title Music)
The One 2011 Reality (Underscore & theme)
Outback Wrangler (Underscore & Theme)
Junior Masterchef Australia (Series 1 & 2) Reality (Underscore)
Junior Masterchef Australia International Title Music
TEN News Theme
Network TEN (TItle Music & Underscore)
Iron Chef Australia (Underscore)
The Suspects (Theme Music & Underscore)
The Boss Is Coming to Dinner (Theme Music & Underscore)
Dating In The Dark Australia (Underscore)
Farmer Wants A Wife Australia Series 5 (Underscore)
Minute to Win It Australia (Theme & Underscore)
The Apprentice Australia (Underscore)
Seven TWO “It’s Time”
Seven Network Australia (Promotional Music Theme)
Shintaro (Title & Underscore Music)
Sea Patrol (Series 1-5) (Theme & Underscore)
The Strip (Title Music & Underscore)
Wide World Of Sports Cricket Theme(Title Music Remix featuring Lucius Borich (COG) & DJ Mark Dynamix)
Wide World Of Sports NRL & State Of Origin Theme (Title Music)
Romeo & Juliet A Monkey’s Tale (Theme & Underscore)
Kung Fu Monk (Dinesh co-wrote one of these scores with New York Hip Hop legends “The Wu Tang Clan”)
Speed Science (Theme & Underscore)
Speed Dynasties (Theme & Underscore)
Could It Happen Here (Theme & Underscore)
Tsunami Lines (Theme & Underscore)
The Resort (Theme & Underscore)
Spelling Bee (Theme & Underscore)
Undressed (Theme & Underscore)
Unreal Estate (Theme & Underscore)


The Final Winter (Paramount Pictures) starring John Jarratt, Matthew Johns & Matt Nable (Theme & Underscore)


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